Coming to a City near you....

Be prepared for the next pandemic that the Elite have once again unleashed. Ebola is a CIA Lab created disease designed to kill the masses. The same goes for HIV and a few other diseases.
Now…. The President of the US is going to send 3,000 troops to their demise to fight Ebola. Really…? Troops to fight a disease that you created… WTF…! It is already in the US as well now. So 1 or 2 things is going to happen. The disease will spread infecting and killing many people… and there is the possibility that the government will create a Vaccine to “supposedly” prevent you from getting Ebola and you will die later from the poisons within that Vaccine.
Do not be fooled by things you watch in the news. They tell us that this is not an airborne virus… but it truly is.

QUESTION: So why are they unleashing this virus on the masses…?

ANSWER: Because so many people out there are having babies and “not thinking” about how the world is already overpopulated. So now, it is time to “Cull” the population, just as we would when any species in the animal kingdom becomes overpopulated and upsets the balance of nature.

Think about that before you decide to shit out a couple more titty suckers so you can get more money back on your taxes or more money from welfare.

But, many people say… “I just want to have a family”. Really… you want your kids to grow up in this seriously messed up, chaotic world filled with War, Greed and Corruption??? I would be pissed off if you brought me into this world at this stage of the game. Word…!

Do not be mad at me for stating the Truth in all things!


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