STOP being Offended...! Start Laughing...!

Stop worrying about being offensive to people and enjoy life and start laughing. The System has brainwashed everyone to be politically correct in everything we say and do. I SAY FUCK THE SYSTEM and the ELITE…! Recently the Boston Herald published a cartoon of Obama and watermelon toothpaste. It was funny, not racist. People who find it offensive have some real mental issues.
I was amazed at how many people on Twitter said it was offensive. These people need to get a Fucking Life and start Living it, instead of being grumpy Fuk-Tards…! The Elite who control the Media who want us wall to be at odds with each other and create “Divide”. Do not fall for their tricks.

So Black people like Watermelon…. big deal… that is a factual statement, not a racist statement. Does that mean its racist is we say Hispanics like Tacos or White people like Hot Dogs and Apple pie or Asian people like Rice….? No…!
It means that we as a country, have gone off the deep end about being politically correct in all we say. FUCK THE SYSTEM…! FUCK THE ELITE....! Start Laughing…! Enjoy life...!


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